Ayurvedic Medicine for Female Hormonal Imbalance

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Formulation – Made with 100% pure and natural shatavari root extract, our powder is a sure shot way to incorporate the benefits of this traditional Ayurvedic herb into your daily routine. Shatavari “The Queen Of Herbs” – It has been used for centuries to support female reproductive health, including balancing hormones and promoting lactation. It is also believed to help improve energy levels, support digestion, and boost immunity. Accessibility – Available in powder form, packaged in an airtight pouch, it can be used orally as a supplement to support overall health and wellbeing. 100% Pure Extract – Our Shatavari powder is free from fillers, additives, and preservatives, ensuring that you are getting the purest form of the herb. How To Use – Simply take 1-2 capsules daily, 30 minutes after a meal, on a regular basis, to experience the full range of benefits.   Made from the roots of a plant that grows throughout India and Sri Lanka, Shatavari has long been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, promoting general well-being. Our natural Shatavari powder is carefully grown and processed so that it can be taken as many as two times a day with lukewarm water or milk. Shatavari Powder is a healthy supplement that guarantees better focus, aerobic endurance, and overall psychological improvement, as it supports your vitality without any side effects.  
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Ensuring Female Wellness with Ayurveda

Over the years, female wellness and the focus on women's health issues have gained significant traction. Women suffer from various health problems, including menstrual and reproductive issues, urinary tract infections, skin problems, digestive issues and mental health issues. But what is the best treatment to deal with these problems without experiencing any fatal side effects? The answer lies within the Ayurveda.

Ayurveda employs a holistic approach that focuses on the balance of mind, body, and spirit. It offers top-notch solutions for treating women's health without any adverse side effects. 

Let's look at some of the ayurvedic medications for women's health that are plant-based and free of chemical additives, making them a one-stop solution for treating any issues.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Menstrual and Reproductive Health 

Women are prone to suffer from menstrual health issues, including inflamed ovaries, irregular periods, PMS, menstrual cramps, PCOS and menopausal issues. Ayurveda provides herbs that focus on eliminating these issues and helping women lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Several medications in Ayurveda treat menstrual problems in women. The specific properties of these medicinal herbs effectively cure irregular periods and promote a regular menstrual cycle among women. Moreover, these magical herbs cure other problems related to menstruation. 

  • Ashok Chaal
It contains an active ingredient, asochinolin, which is a natural, progesterone-like substance. Ashok Chaal works by balancing the Vata doshas and helps in reducing abdominal pain and cramps. Additionally, it balances Pitta dosha and controls heavy bleeding. Also, it treats hormonal imbalances, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms.

  • Shatavari
Shatavari is another super-healing herb that aims to provide ease from period problems. Its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties ease menstrual cramps and balance female hormones, resulting in a regular cycle. Therefore, Shatavari can be regarded as the best ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods.

Furthermore, it aids in relieving the symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and mood swings. 

Shatavari is supremely beneficial for childbearing or new moms. As a woman’s body undergoes several physical and emotional transformations after giving birth, they must take extra care. Shatavari is a renowned herb that aids in post-natal recovery. 

  • Lodhra Chaal
It is found to be highly beneficial for women experiencing PCOS. It exhibits anti-androgenic properties, thus reducing the levels of male hormones in females and preventing PCOS. 

  • Kanchnaar
It is a vast reserve of essential minerals and vitamins, like iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, that are crucial for women's health. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties that benefit women with menstrual cramps. It also regulates hormonal imbalances and promotes regular periods. 

  • Haldi
Haldi has several medicinal values. It works as a wonder for women having cramps owing to its anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing abdominal pain and bloating during periods. 

  • Punarnava
This Ayurvedic herb has diuretic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it one of the most preferred choices for curing urinary tract infections in women. Moreover, it provides relief from menstrual cramps, prevents blood clotting and fibroids and reduces swelling in the uterus. 

  • Ginseng
Ginseng, also known as Indian Ashwagandha or Ashwagandha, helps with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, improving the quality of life of menopausal women overall.

  • Gokhshura 
Gokshura or Gokhru aids in women's menstrual health by lessening the chances of PCOS. It has antioxidative properties that are highly beneficial for women going through menopause. 

Apart from this, women often suffer from other health problems, including but not limited to urinary tract infections, skin problems and mental health issues. Fortunately, the ancient system of medicine in India, the Ayurveda, works miracles to deal with all kinds of health issues. 

Let's discuss the transformative benefits of other Ayurvedic women's health supplements.

Gokhshura for Women's Improved Sexual Health

As mentioned above, Gokhru helps improve women's menstrual health. Owing to its adaptogenic properties, it allows the body to adapt to stress and maintain hormonal balance. Additionally, Gokhru improves fertility in females and sometimes acts as a stimulator for ovulation. Traditionally, it has been used as an aphrodisiac that enhances women's libido and boosts overall sexual health. 

Furthermore, Gokhru exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that reduce pain and inflammation, making it significantly beneficial for women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Ashwagandha, the Indian name for ginseng, offers numerous health benefits to women, ranging from menstrual health to fertility and improved sexual functioning. However, one of the most highlighted benefits of Ashwagandha is its ability to lower stress levels. This magical herb boasts adaptogenic properties that aid in the modification of stress response by lowering cortisol levels. This helps women fight stress and anxiety effectively. Also, it enhances cognitive functioning and improves memory and attention span. 

Bhumi Amla

Due to hormonal imbalances, women often complain of acne, rashes, or other skin-related issues. These issues are further exacerbated during menstruation. Bhumi Amla is an Ayurvedic herb that combats all kinds of skin diseases. It is highly beneficial for women dealing with acne issues or any other skin disease. It has antioxidative properties that prevent skin damage, resulting in healthy skin. Also, its antibacterial properties fight skin infections effectively. Overall, Bhumi Amla can help women maintain clear and healthy skin by addressing hormonal imbalances and preventing skin issues. 

Bhumi Amla is also beneficial for hair. It promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles. The antioxidants in these herbs protect hair from any damage caused by free radicals. Its use also leads to a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is essential for maintaining strong and shiny hair. Regular use of Bhumi Amla can help improve overall hair health and prevent issues like dandruff.

Apart from promoting healthy skin, Bhumi Amla is a preferred choice among women with digestive issues. Certain properties of this powder promote digestive health and provide relief from various digestion-related issues, like bloating and constipation. This ayurvedic herb helps secrete enzymes that help absorb essential nutrients. 

Why Go for Ayurveda?

One might wonder why women should go for Ayurvedic medicine for improving their health? 

There are numerous benefits of Ayurveda for women's health, from balancing hormones to improving fertility to reducing the symptoms of menopause. The key benefit of using ayurvedic medicine for women’s health is the natural and holistic approach it offers to support women's overall well-being. These supplements are formulated with traditional herbs and ingredients that have been used for centuries to promote hormonal balance, reproductive health, and emotional wellness in women.

Ayurveda caters to all the unique requirements of a woman's health and employs a holistic method to treat all the issues. The best Ayurvedic medicine for women's health is tailored in such a way that it deals with physical, mental and emotional well-being. On the one hand, there are some of the best ayurvedic herbs like Ashok, Shatavari, Gokhshura, and Punarnava, which effectively help women deal with menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, PCOS, timely ovulation along with providing relief from infections in the Urinary tract. On the other hand, herbs like Ashwagandha help women fight stress and anxiety by balancing hormones and promoting relaxation. Additionally, Ashwagandha has been shown to improve overall mental well-being and cognitive function in women. 


There are several health issues women encounter in their day-to-day lives. From uncomfortable periods, PCOS, and menopause to uninvited mood swings. These issues can significantly impact women’s quality of life and overall wellness. However, proper guidance and support from medical professionals can help deal with these problems effectively. It would not be an understatement to say that Ayurveda works magic when it comes to providing a quality life for women. Treatment in Ayurveda is totally natural and does not lead to any adverse side effects. Ayurvedic practices focus on balancing the body's energies and promoting overall well-being, which can significantly benefit women's health in the long run. Additionally, Ayurveda emphasizes personalized treatment plans that address the root cause of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. Nevertheless, it is always advised to consult a physician before starting any medication.