Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes & High Blood Sugar

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Helps manage blood sugar levels Helps in Weight Management Helps improve Glucose Metabolism Helps Reduce Inflammation  
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Maintain healthy circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary system Normalize the clean blood flow in organs Anti-inflammatory agent Cure your skin infections and dermal system Helps to treat leprosy, ulcers, Asthma Control diabetes  

Regulating Type 2 Diabetes with Ayurveda

Diabetes, also known as Madhumeh in Sanskrit and Ayurveda, is a chronic disease that has become quite common in today’s world. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds, from young children to older people. It is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. There are many types of diabetes; however, the most prevalent among people is Type 2 Diabetes. In this case, the pancreas fails to make enough insulin, leading to a spike in blood sugar.

While modern science offers various treatment options, ancient Ayurvedic treatment for diabetic patients employs a holistic approach to treating the same, including providing Ayurvedic medicines for type 2 diabetes. The Ayurvedic diabetes medicine to regulate blood sugar not only provides relief from complications from diabetes but also has no known adverse side effects.

Understanding Ayurveda and Diabetes

Ayurveda views diabetes as a result of imbalances in the body's doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Type 2 diabetes is primarily associated with an imbalance in the Kapha dosha, which leads to impaired metabolism and insulin resistance. Ayurvedic diabetes medicines aim to restore balance and enhance the body's natural ability to regulate blood sugar.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Diabetes Management

Several Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes have shown promising results in managing blood sugar levels. These herbs work by improving insulin sensitivity, reducing sugar absorption, and promoting overall health.

  • Gudmar: This herb literally means “destroyer of sugar.” Gudmar is known for its exceptional medicinal value in helping control diabetes. It has the potential to reduce cravings for sweets and sugar. Due to its antidiabetic characteristics, this Ayurvedic medicine helps manage blood sugar control. 
Additionally, this herb effectively stabilizes HbA1C, fasting, and postprandial sugar levels. Also, Gudmar is known for restoring insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells and repairing damaged beta cells.

  • Bhumi Amla: Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which is beneficial in managing diabetes. Certain compounds present in Amla manage blood sugar levels naturally by improving insulin sensitivity. 
Furthermore, it helps deal with oxidative stress, preventing complications related to diabetes.

  • Neem: If you are looking for Ayurvedic diabetes medicines at home, then Neem leaves are a popular natural remedy. This herb holds substantial medicinal value and is used to treat various disorders.
One of the critical benefits of Neem is its antidiabetic properties. It is rich in flavonoids, triterpenoids, antiviral compounds, and glycosides that may help lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Therefore, Neem can be considered one of the best natural Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes management.

In addition to these, herbs like Brahmi and Arjuna support blood sugar management and can be helpful in preventing retinopathy, a disease of the retina in people with diabetes.

Ayurvedic Diabetes Capsules for Sugar Control Management

Ayurvedic diabetes capsules combine multiple herbs in a convenient form to provide comprehensive blood sugar management. These capsules are formulated based on traditional Ayurvedic recipes and modern scientific research.

Salacia is one of the diabetes Ayurvedic capsules for sugar control management. It comprises constituents that might be beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels. Moreover, this Ayurvedic herb helps ease other symptoms of diabetes, like frequent urination, thirst, lethargy, and exhaustion.

Apart from these, Ayurvedic sugar tablets are also an excellent option for those looking to manage their blood sugar levels conveniently. These tablets typically contain a blend of herbs known for their antidiabetic properties.

Stamina and Power Boosters for Diabetics

Managing diabetes often involves combating fatigue and maintaining energy levels. Ayurveda offers natural solutions to boost stamina and power for people who have diabetes.

Shilajit is the first-ever stamina and power booster for diabetics. It is a powerful mineral-rich substance that boosts stamina and energy. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of Shilajit on people with diabetes. 

This herb helps regulate blood glucose levels. It might also stimulate pancreatic beta cells and enhance insulin production and secretion.

Additionally, Shilajit has been found to improve overall physical performance and reduce fatigue in individuals with diabetes. Its antioxidant properties also help protect cells from damage caused by high blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha, also known as ginseng, is a medicinal herb with adaptogenic properties that help reduce stress, improve energy levels, and enhance overall well-being.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Management

Ayurvedic medicine for Type 2 diabetes focuses on lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and herbal supplements to manage the condition holistically.

1. Dietary Changes: Ayurveda recommends a balanced diet rich in whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Foods that pacify the Kapha dosha, such as barley, green leafy vegetables, and legumes, are beneficial.

2. Regular Exercise: Physical activity is crucial in Ayurveda for maintaining dosha balance. Activities like yoga, walking, and swimming can help manage weight and improve insulin sensitivity.

3. Herbal Supplements: Regular intake of Ayurvedic diabetes supplements in the form of teas, powders, or capsules can significantly aid in blood sugar control.

Ayurvedic Cure for Diabetes

While Ayurveda doesn't claim to cure diabetes, it offers a comprehensive approach to managing the condition and improving quality of life. The goal is to restore balance, enhance the body's natural functions, and prevent complications associated with diabetes. Ayurvedic diabetes medicine for sugar management includes a combination of dietary changes, herbal supplements, and lifestyle modifications. By addressing the root cause of imbalances in the body, Ayurvedic medicine aims to regulate blood sugar levels and promote overall well-being in individuals with diabetes.


Ayurvedic diabetes medicine provides a natural and holistic approach to managing Type 2 diabetes. By incorporating Ayurvedic herbs, dietary changes, regular exercise, and lifestyle modifications, individuals can achieve better blood sugar control and improve their overall health. Whether through Ayurvedic diabetes capsules, sugar tablets, or home remedies, Ayurveda offers a sustainable and effective way to manage diabetes naturally. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to consult a physician before taking any medications to avoid any complications.