Pure shilajit resin in India - Vedikroots Original & Natural Shilajit Resin ( 100% Pure )
Vedikroots Original & Natural Shilajit Resin ( 100% Pure )
from Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,599.00
Helps Boost Stamina & Strength Helps Provide Physical Power Helps Build Muscle Mass Helps Reduce Stress & Anxiety Enhances Metabolism  
Ayurvedic Vitality Booster- Vedikroots Libidocare Vedikroots Libidocare For vitality & Performance
Vedikroots Vedikroots Libidocare For vitality & Performance
from Rs. 549.00 Rs. 699.00
✅ Helps improve testosterone levels ✅ Helps improve strength, stamina & energy ✅ Helps combat weakness or fatigue ✅ Helps elevate mood & combat anxiety ✅ Non-hormonal formula with no known side-effects  
Best shilajit capsule in india - Vedikroots Vedikroots Ayurvedic Shilajit Capsule for Strength & Power
Vedikroots Shilajit Capsules - An Ayurvedic Elixir For Vig...
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Promotes the level of testosterone Enhances the performance and wellness Promotes Brain & Heart Health Pure Himalayan Shilajit Extracts Supports heart disease and manages Diabetes Level Promote healthy aging and increase the energy and stamina in the body.      
pure safed musli - Vedikroots 100% Pure Safed Musli Powder | Vedikroots Ayurveda
Vedikroots 100% Pure Safed Musli Powder – A Natural Ayurve...
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FORMULATION – It’s formulated with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from trusted growers in India for maximum potency and effectiveness. FOR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE – Its unique combination of compounds helps boost immunity, increase energy levels and support muscle growth. ACCESSIBILITY – This powder is easy to digest and absorb, providing you with the vital nutrients your body needs to stay fit and healthy. TESTED FOR SAFETY – 100% pure and natural safed musli powder made from premium quality extracts that are carefully sourced and processed to retain maximum potency. HOW TO USE – It is recommended to take 1-2 tsps of powder daily, half an hour after a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.   Looking to take your fitness routine to the next level? Look no further than Safed Musli Powder! This natural supplement is a powerful source of essential vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to increase strength, stamina and energy. It also helps reduce inflammation, improve immunity and promote balanced hormones. Shop now and power up your workouts with Safed Musli Powder!  
Vedikroots शुद्ध शिलाजीत रेसिन – एनर्जी बूस्टर Vedikroots शुद्ध शिलाजीत रेसिन – एनर्जी बूस्टर
Vedikroots शुद्ध शिलाजीत रेज़िन (100% शुद्ध)
from Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,599.00
Vedikroots शिलाजीत रेज़िन क्यों खरीदें? प्राकृतिक और शुद्ध शिलाजीत 18,000 फीट की ऊंचाई पर स्थित हिमालय से प्राप्त होता है। फुल्विक एसिड, ह्यूमिक एसिड और 80+ ट्रेस खनिजों से भरपूर। ताकत और शारीरिक शक्ति में सुधार करने में मदद करता है।  सामान्य स्वास्थ्य और प्रतिरक्षा में सुधार करने में मदद करता है। चयापचय और पोषक तत्व अवशोषण प्रक्रियाओं में मदद करता हैं।
Pure kaunchbeej powder - Vedikroots Buy Natural Kaunchbeej herbal Powder | Vedikroots Ayurveda
Vedikroots 100% Pure Kaunchbeej for Energy & Stamina(100 GM)
from Rs. 199.00 Rs. 249.00
Formulation – Made from high quality 100% pure and natural Kaunch seeds sourced from India, this powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber nutrients. Benefits – Traditionally used in ayurveda for various ailments, it is an effective supplement for boosting vitality and performance in men, while enabling overall health and wellness. Accessibility – Available in powder form, sealed in an airtight pouch, it can be used orally as a supplement to revitalize energy levels. Tested For Safety – Third-party lab tested for quality and purity assurance. How To Use – Mix 1-2 tsp of Kaunch Beej Powder, with lukewarm milk or water and consume once or twice daily, or as directed by the physician.   Kaunch Beej Powder combines the most potent and powerful ingredients for bodybuilders, athletes, and active people looking for extra energy. Kaunch Beej Powder strengthens metabolism and facilitates workouts. It calms joint pain and gets rid of fatigue, so you have all you need to challenge your limit. You can mix 1-2 tsp powder with milk or lukewarm water and consume once or twice daily, or as directed by the physician.  
Ayurvedic treatment for Infections - Vedikroots ProstoCalm ProstoCalm |  Ayurvedic Supplement Helps Manage UTI Infections & Prostate Enlargement
Vedikroots ProstoCalm | Ayurvedic Supplement Helps Manage...
from Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,199.00
Formulation:  Vedikroots Prostocalm capsules are a blend of ancient and natural herbs, created to support your prostate health. UTI Relief: ProstoCalm can help ease the discomfort and pain associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs). Promotes Prostate Health: Prostate enlargement can lead to urinary problems and discomfort. By maintaining a healthy prostate, ProstoCalm can help reduce the risk of such issues. Reducing Swelling and Sharp Pain: ProstoCalm contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation and discomfort, leading to a reduction in swelling and relief from sharp pain. How to Use: Take 1 -2 capsules after meals twice a day with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician.