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Vedikroots is a new age ayurvedic brand that caters to the health needs of all individuals. Vedikroots aim to provide 100% organic supplements to consumers. It holds the Ayurveda Sprits with traditional and advanced manifolds. Ayurveda Our products are made of all-natural herbs which comes from the long research done by the Vedikroots experts. Ayurveda nurtures health and heals the segments of the Doshas.

Vedikroots India's most trustful ayurveda products

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Vedikroots India's most trustful ayurveda products

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Vedikroots India's most trustful ayurveda products

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Vedikroots India's most trustful ayurveda products

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Tridoshas in Ayurveda

Dosha is a Sanskrit word that is described in the Ayurveda treatment. And its general meaning is something that causes a problem. According to the Ayurveda literature, Doshas are of three types constituted in our body that are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is also considered as the shape of the physical body during the birth.



 It constitutes several elements of Air and Space. It is considered for the energy movement across our body and connects all of the biological activities. Also known as the king of doshas because it is providing the motions to the other two doshas. People born with Vata dosha are active and creative in mind and they have the good characteristics to express and communicate.



It provides the energy to the body for digestion and metabolism. Its main location in the body is the small intestine, stomach, liver, and Pancreas. It is also responsible for the secretion of bile, enzymes, hormones, etc in the body. It is considered the energy and the heat provider to the body. People born with Pitta are intelligent, have good emotions, jealousy, anger, etc.



It is one of the main doshas for generating lubrication substances in the body in a physical form. It maintains the water energy. The main location of the Kapha is the throat, lungs, head, connective tissues, ligaments and tendons, fatty tissues, and Chest. It also provides lubrication to the joints. People born with Kapha are usually loving in nature, easy going, relaxed and slow paced. They are easily understandable and non-judgmental people and also they are graceful in their appearance.

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Benefits of VedikRoots

Focus on healing &  treating the roots of every Disease.

Ayurveda focuses on curing the cause of the illness rather than just suppressing the symptoms, giving long term benefit.

No side-effects

The herbal content of Ayurvedic medications and remedies supported by changes in diet and lifestyle ensure a side-effect free treatment.

Natural ingredients

All Ayurvedic treatments and medications comprise natural herbs and plants that are unlikely to harm the human body.

Better understanding

Ayurveda allows a better understanding of how one’s body functions and therefore helps to manage health and wellness effectively.

A complete medical system

Ayurveda focuses on all aspects of health i.e. physical, psychological, philosophical, ethical and spiritual wellbeing, ensuring long term wellness.

Why go back to the roots "Ayurveda"

Ayurveda and its herbs are in the use for a long. It is described in the Vedas, Ayurveda as a upchaar. It has been a mixture of life practices and organic supplements. It plays a vital role in curing chronic diseases. Ayurveda practices have improved the lifestyles of human beings. It has improved digestion, immunity, and several other diseases. Ayurveda treatment has lesser side effects.

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