100% Pure Shatavari Powder – A Traditional Ayurvedic Supplement To Make You Feel Rejuvenated(100 GM)

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Pack of 1 Pack of 2 Pack of 3

100% Pure Shatavari Powder – A Traditional Ayurvedic Supplement To Make You Feel Rejuvenated(100 GM)

Rs. 219.00 Rs. 299.00 -27% OFF


Pack of 1 Pack of 2 Pack of 3
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Product description

Formulation – Made with 100% pure and natural shatavari root extract, our powder is a sure shot way to incorporate the benefits of this traditional Ayurvedic herb into your daily routine.

Shatavari “The Queen Of Herbs” – It has been used for centuries to support female reproductive health, including balancing hormones and promoting lactation. It is also believed to help improve energy levels, support digestion, and boost immunity.

Accessibility – Available in powder form, packaged in an airtight pouch, it can be used orally as a supplement to support overall health and wellbeing.

100% Pure Extract – Our Shatavari powder is free from fillers, additives, and preservatives, ensuring that you are getting the purest form of the herb.

How To Use – Simply take 1-2 capsules daily, 30 minutes after a meal, on a regular basis, to experience the full range of benefits.


Made from the roots of a plant that grows throughout India and Sri Lanka, Shatavari has long been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, promoting general well-being. Our natural Shatavari powder is carefully grown and processed so that it can be taken as many as two times a day with lukewarm water or milk. Shatavari Powder is a healthy supplement that guarantees better focus, aerobic endurance, and overall psychological improvement, as it supports your vitality without any side effects.


Benefits Of Shatavari Powder

Supports Lactation

Shatavari powder is frequently used to help nursing moms produce more milk. It has phytoestrogens, substances that may be beneficial in promoting the synthesis of prolactin, a hormone necessary for milk production.

Balances Hormones

Shatavari powder may help to balance hormones in the body, particularly in women. It contains compounds that can help to regulate estrogen levels and support the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.

Boosts Immunity

Shatavari powder is rich in antioxidants and other immune-boosting compounds that can help to support the body's natural defenses against infection and disease.

Manages Reproductive Health

In Ayurveda, shatavari powder is frequently used to promote the wellbeing of the female reproductive system. Menstrual cycle control, menstrual cramp relief, and general reproductive health can all be supported by it.

How To Use

Take 1 Spoon
Vedikroots Powder

Mix in Lukewarm
Water or Milk

Drink it
Twice Daily


Customer Reviews

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Pure powder

nice product delivered earlier than expected nice packaging and totally ayurvedic and healthy

Ankur Singh
Best product for shatavar powder.

Probably the best shatavar powder in market.

Very good product for feeding moms

This product is being of great support to my partner who is feeding our child. Highly recommended and I have almost bought upto 10 packets till date.

Good product, fair pricing.

It helps to reduce the body heat

Vishrutha Nagaraj
quality check

just love this !!! same original quality as that is shown