Navratri Diet Plan for 9 Days - 2024

Navratri Diet Plan for 9 Days - 2024

The sacred festival Navratri is not only for celebration but also for devotion. But do you think that without the proper Navratri diet plan, you can nourish yourself during the Navratri fast? It is sure that you are likely to face health problems if you skip the proper nourishment. having a meal rich in essential nutrients is necessary during the nice days of your fast. In the blog, we will share the Navratri diet plan for 9 days that will help you stay active and full of energy. 

What is a Healthy Navratri Diet Plan?

Navratri's diet plan is the perfect combination of food containing all essential nutrients to help you stay healthy.  People observe fast during the scared day of navratri, therefore, they need to maintain their diet balanced. Those who want to lose weight can follow the navratri weight loss diet plan to ensure good health during and after their 9 days of fasts. Let’s find more-

Follow These Nourishing Diet Plans During Navratri:

You cannot skip the fact that following the healthy diet plan for the Navratri fast is crucial for your health and weight loss as well. Therefore, choosing food that includes essential nutrients and detoxifying capacity is a healthy choice. 

# Day 1

Nutrient-rich start:

  • You may prefer to have the Sama rice porridge as a part of the healthy meal plan. It is also known as the barnyard millet packed with nutrients. You may cook it with water or milk to make it more healthy and perfect for the navratri detox diet plan. 
  • For lunch, you may choose the kuttu paratha with mint chutney to have a refreshing complement.  
  • For dinner, you may include fast-friendly Singhara Atta Khichdi in the navratri diet plan.  

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#Day 2

Wholesome delights:

  • For breakfast, You may have the Banana Walnut Smoothie with yogurt. Consumption of Walnuts is good as offer healthy fats and proteins to keep you active.
  • For lunch you may prepare sabidana khichdi is a classic food for the navratri diet that you must have.   it is the healthy meal plan that acts as the powerhouse of nutrients.  therefore, it may serve as a balanced meal during the navratri days.
  • For dinner, you may have Rajgira Roti with Lauki Raita which will add extra nutrients to your second-day meal of the Navratri diet plan. 

# Day 3

Fusion flavors

  • Taking the fruit salad with the rock salt is another refreshing compliment that you can include in the breakfast of Navratri diet plan. This however works effectively to support the weight loss process.   
  • In Lunch, you may eat Samak Rice Pulao which is a healthy meal plan. The rice pulao filled with colorful vegetables is the perfect dish for your weight loss diet plan in Navratri. It is light on the stomach and full of nutrients.
  • Apart from these, you can also include the banana with sabudana which is rich in potassium and dietary fiber in lunch

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# Day 4

Creative combinations:

  • For breakfast Preparing the Makhana porridge using milk can add a touch to your diet plan. Foxnut ( Makhana) includes low calories and is the best for Navatri's weight loss plan.
  • For lunch, you may prepare Fried potatoes with cumin seeds which is a simple and healthy meal plan. you may pair it with the raita to make it more delicious. 
  • For dinner, you may prefer sweet potato chaat and load it with colorful vegetables, and tamarind to make a delightful dish.

# Day 5

Fusion flavors continued:

  • Paneer tikki with mint chutney is best for breakfast. This protein-rich panner tikkis keeps you full and energetic throughout the day.
  • For lunch, you may prepare the fast-friendly vegetable biryani that provides an aromatic flavor during your fast.
  • Next, you may include the lauki soup with tomato salad in your navratri diet plan. It is also best to keep you hydrated during your fast.

# Day 6

Balanced delights:

  • You may add the balanced delight in breakfast to have a healthy diet plan for the navratri fast. You may have the sago (Sabudana) pudding with fruits to make a delicious sago. you may find such a dish completely satisfying and wholesome for your Navratri diet plan. 
  • In lunch, you may prepare kuttu dosa with coconut chutney. Kuttu flour creates a crispy dosa that adds both health and taste.
  • For dinner, you may have Arbi chips with curd dip. It is healthy and the best alternative to fried snacks. therefore, it is helpful for the navratri diet plan to support weight loss.

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# Day 7

Filling fare:

  • For breakfast, you may prepare a dry fruit milkshake blend which is perfect for a navratri diet plan. It will help you get the complete energy and essential nutrients during your fast in Navratri.
  • For lunch, preparing the rajma salad with singhara roti is the best protein-rich dish to keep you healthy and active.
  • For dinner, you may eat suran tikkis with green chutney which is the best dietary fiber and is rich in essential minerals. 

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# Day 8

Delicate flavors:

  • Eating the coconut chia pudding is a wise choice as it offers a dose of omega-3 fatty acids. those who tend to lose weight during nine days of navratri may include it in their navratri special diet plan.
  • For lunch, you may add the sama rice pulao with raita which would automatically offer you a balanced and healthy meal.
  • For dinner, you may have palak paneer with samak rice that would offer you a proper dose of iron and calcium to make you end your day full of energy. 

# Day 9

Culinary finale:

Taking pomegranate yogurt in lunch is the best refreshing and colorful dish to make the last day of your navratri .memorable and aromatic. 

In luch, you may prepare the Aloo tomato curry with kuttu puri to make your Navratri diet plan effective and good for the weight loss process. It will add crunchiness and delight to your last-day navratri meal. 


You may follow the above navratri diet plan to maintain your health and lose extra weight. These are the best weight loss diet plans in Navratri and keep yourself healthy and energetic as well. We have shared every recipe to honor the importance of fasting during the Navratri and to make these auspicious days more nourishing.


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