8 Effective Tips to Keep Your Respiratory System Healthy

8 Effective Tips to Keep Your Respiratory System Healthy

Respiratory health plays an important role in keeping you active and refreshed every day. But do you ever evaluate the ways that may allow you to keep your lungs healthy? What are the factors that cause discomfort related to respiratory function? How do you keep your respiratory system healthy? If you are not aware of this health aspect, do not worry, we would like you to go through this blog to find the 8 effective tips to keep your respiratory system healthy, incorporating Ayurvedic herbs for lung health, to stay healthier.

What is the Significance of Good Respiratory Health?

The respiratory system refers to the network of organs like lungs, Pharynx, Bronchial tubes, and tissues that help you breathe. It is the system that enables us to absorb oxygen and eliminate waste gasses like carbon dioxide from the blood. Therefore, respiratory health is crucial for the delivery of oxygen to the cells and for protecting the airways from the entry of detrimental substances.

The cycle of inhalation and exhalation depends directly on respiratory or lung health. The lungs filter the oxygen from the inhaled air to make it move to the bloodstream. Therefore it is vital to keep your lungs and overall respiratory system healthy and working. 

What are Effective Tips for healthy respiratory system?

Learning and executing the healthy tips that may prove effective for the good health of your respiratory system is crucial. Therefore, we will talk about some of the proven habits that would ensure good health of your respiratory system.

  1. Quit smoking: It is needless to say that smoking is the core cause of unhealthy lungs that lead to illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. This is why quitting smoking is a wise step for the sake of your better respiratory health.
  2. Get regular exercise: Regular exercise is the natural practice of making your lungs and other respiratory organs stronger. It also strengthens the muscles that support the expansion of the lungs for enhanced function of overall respiratory tracts.
  3. Prefer to eat healthy and fresh food: Having essential nutrition is an imperative aspect to support the function of the respiratory system. It also helps you breathe easily and helps you fight the germs off.
  4. Follow the practice of deep breathing: The practice of deep breathing helps make you feel relaxed.
  5. Keep a thorough check on your weight: Weight management is another important aspect to keep your lungs healthier and your respiratory system in proper function. Since the extra weight may make your lungs work harder.
  6. Maintain the freshness of the air inside your home: Smoking always contaminates your surroundings and hence you need to keep an eye on the maintenance of the freshness of air. Further, you may wear the mask to escape from inhaling contaminated air.
  7. Get regular checkups: It is a wise step to get a regular checkup for diagnosis of symptoms in the early stage. Since some of the respiratory issues like lung cancer may develop asymptomatically.
  8. Practice good habits: It refers to washing hands often and staying away from the crowds during cold and flu. Apart from these, you also need to maintain oral hygiene to prevent the development of the infection inside your mouth.

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What are the Symptoms of Respiratory Issues?

Awareness of the symptoms may help you extensively to protect yourself from the development of the worst condition. Unfortunately, if you develop respiratory health problems, you are likely to experience these symptoms.

Coughing: It is the most common symptom and it may lead to the development of the yellow and green mucus that indicates the sign of infection. Furthermore, you may cough up blood and it may last longer than eight weeks. Therefore, you must get a proper check by consulting the concerned medical professional.

Chronic chest pain: Sometimes, you may end up with chronic chest pain and it may take a serious turn with shortness of breath. It refers to an emergency condition where you need medical attention instantly.

Wheezing: The appearance of a whistling sound while you breathe is another symptom that indicates the blockage in the airways or the development of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Chronic mucus: It refers to the thick substances in your air passage that allow you to stop irritants and infections from infecting deeper into the lungs. However, the continuous process of mucus formation may lead to the risk of serious health problems. 

Best Ayurvedic herbs for lung health :

The healing touch of nature can gently help you manage respiratory health disorders. Ayurveda has given various kinds of herbs that help reduce symptoms and discomforts by balancing the Tridoshas which are Vata, Kapha, and Pitta inside your body. Some of the Ayurvedic herbs for lung health are-

Tulsi - Respiratory problems like asthma are caused due to the imbalanced Vata and Kapha. Tulsi has the potency to balance the doshas of Vata and Kapha that block respiratory passage. Apart from this, Tulsi also helps reduce the inflammation in the mucus membrane of the bronchial tube to expel the excessive amount of mucus from the lungs.

Anantmool: It is another Ayurveda herb that effectively works to balance the Tridoshas that is Vata, Kapha pitta with its anti-asthmatic and antibiotic properties. 'Anantmool helps in making the mucus out and also helps manage other bronchial conditions.

Kantkari: You may find it one of the best natural herbs that ensure the management of the Kapha disorder 'that is caused due to the presence of mucus across the respiratory tract. Kantkari is also helpful in reducing breathlessness to provide you with relief from respiratory disorders symptoms.

These are ancient herbs that have been used for the management of discomfort related to the respiratory system. However, you might find it difficult to obtain it all but our InhalePure is one solution that would help you breathe pure with natural essence.

What are the Causes of Poor Respiratory Health?

Various factors make your lungs and overall respiratory system vulnerable to compromised function. This kind of situation commonly arises due to these factors:

  • Frequent smoking or exposure to lung irritants like dust, and air pollution is the usual cause that affects lung function and overall respiratory health.
  • Consumption of excessive alcohol is another way that weakens the muscles of your respiratory tract and makes you vulnerable to respiratory health problems.
  • Obstructions in the airflow to your lungs also adversely affect and lead to compromised respiratory function.
  • The compromised function of the nerves and muscles such as muscular dystrophy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) helps you breathe easily.


The healing touch of nature ensures your overall well-being by balancing the biological energies. The management of Respiratory disorders with a natural system of Ayurveda may help you get rid of the symptoms easily without making you feel any other health problems. The herbal solutions work to increase the longevity of life along with managing health issues. Our Vedikroots InhalePure is an organic formulation that has been prepared with essential herbs to help reduce the discomforts related to respiratory disorders.


How can I keep my respiratory system healthy?

You may keep your respiratory system healthy by avoiding smoking, protecting yourself from irritants, and getting a medical checkup.

What are common symptoms of compromised respiratory function?

Unfortunately, if you develop respiratory disorders, you are likely to face problems because of regular coughing, chest pain that may become chronic over time, and nasal blockage with excessive mucus formation.

What are the usual causes of respiratory disorders?

The usual causes of respiratory disorders include consumption of alcohol and smoking. These habits weaken your respiratory tract muscles which increase the chances of developing unexpected health problems. 

Why is the formation of excessive mucus bad for respiratory health?

The formation of excessive mucus may lead to the development of problems with your respiratory health and you may end up with discomforts related to breathing.

How is Tulsi helpful in managing respiratory health problems?

Tulsi helps balance the doshas that are Kapha and Pitta for the well-being of your respiratory health. It also helps manage the inflammation in the mucus membrane to help expel the excessive amount of mucus from the lungs.


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