100% Pure Avipattikar Powder – Supports Indigestion And Acidity(100 GM)

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100% Pure Avipattikar Powder – Supports Indigestion And Acidity(100 GM)

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Product description

100% NATURAL AYURVEDIC FORMULA: Avipattikar Churna is made with a blend of herbs and spices that are commonly used in traditional Indian medicine to support digestive health.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: The combination of ginger, black pepper, long pepper, and rock salt in Avipattikar Churna helps to balance the digestive fire, relieve bloating and constipation, and reduce symptoms of acidity.

EASY TO USE: Each bag of Avipattikar Churna is securely sealed to maintain freshness and is easy to store in your pantry or travel bag.

VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY AND GLUTEN-FREE: Avipattikar Churna is suitable for vegetarians and is free from gluten and other common allergens.

HOW TO USE: Simply mix 1 tsp of Avipattikar Churna with lukewarm water or milk, and drink before meals to support your digestive strength.


Avipattikar Powder is a 100% organic and vegan Ayurvedic mix, which reduces inflammation and joint pain. It is also beneficial in gradually avoiding the feeling of nausea and upset stomach. The mixture of natural ingredients can be consumed in many different ways – as a spice, medicine or powder, but the most suggested recommendation is to consume 1 tsp(3 to 5 gm)of this powder, once or twice daily with lukewarm water or milk, or as directed by the physician.


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Benefits Of Avipattikar Powder

For Increasing Digestive Strength

Avipattikar powder helps to enhance the digestive fire, also known as Agni in Ayurveda. It helps to stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices, which helps in the breakdown and absorption of food, resulting in better digestion.

For Metabolism Enhancement

The ingredients in Avipattikar powder are believed to boost metabolism, which helps in the efficient breakdown of food and the conversion of nutrients into energy. This can lead to better energy levels, improved stamina, and overall wellbeing.

For Preventing Urinary Retention

Avipattikar powder is believed to help prevent urinary retention by promoting the elimination of excess fluids from the body. It helps to balance the water element in the body, which can prevent the kidney diseases and urinary tract infections.

For Relieving Acidity and Heartburn

Avipattikar powder can help to reduce acidity and heartburn by neutralizing excess stomach acid. It helps to soothe the lining of the stomach and reduces inflammation, which can alleviate symptoms such as nausea, bloating, and discomfort

How To Use

Take 1 Spoon
Vedikroots Powder

Mix in Lukewarm
Water or Milk

Drink it
Twice Daily


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Petronilla V.

I liked it very much
It is an excellent medicine for acidity.
Really good
Please but it
No side effects

Vinod Kumar Kaushik
quality not right

Cured indigestion within two hours from eating many peanuts. Allopathic pan-d or omez-d even iaabgol can't even come close. I am diabetic and keep having indigestion every three months. So this is best for me. It is friend of the stomach

Vinod Kumar Shukla
Less quantity received

vedikroots Abhikatikar powder is betterthen baidyanath

Ayash m.
Excellent Churna for Uneasy Stomach

Received 2 no'svedikroots powder bottles instead of 3 no's.

Good Product.

Good product and best delivery..