How to eat Amla for hair growth

How to Eat Amla For Hair Growth | vedikroots

Who has not heard the word “Amla”? Especially if you are a native Indian. An ancient old gooseberry that is a part of the Phyllanthaceae group of trees. From its trunk to the branchlets, it's every part has the power of tridosha. This fruit is locked with fibre and is a special member of all-natural hair remedies. 

Amla falls from the subtropical area, and showers your hair and body with a cool effect. Some say amla is sour, others say it is a bit tangy and few claim it to be sweet. It basks within the flavour by flavour due to the combination of its taste and potency. It is a golf-sized green and yellowish gooseberry, encompassed with six to seven light colour strikes. Famously quoted as an alone standing fruit, that masks itself like a creative appetizer.

5 Ways to Enjoy Amla's Wondrous Benefits - Vedikroots

Never dishonour an Amla, as you will hear a chapter on Amla benefits from its decade-old lovers. A super-rich gooseberry with a high amount of vitamin C is a boon to mankind. It cures by the manner it is cut, as boiling, slicing, drying, and scrapping off are different methods to flourish its qualities.

You will have a hard time not having fun with its various names. You will see amla popping out as “Amalaki”, or the happening word that is “emblic myrobalan”. It is a religious name when you target the list of the most beneficial herbs for hair.

Amla works through three key components that are, “grey hair prevention”, “hair fall”, and “hair growth”. Amla Herb For Hair Care is a famous phrase on every youtube channel, social media platform, and many online readings.

Discover the always-heard but never stated ways in which Amla can be consumed for hair growth. Every step will take you closer to long hair strands. Let’s discover more-

1. Rawism Diet

Directly consume a single amla each day, and see your short and medium hair transformation to longer strands. Vitamin C in the amla work as a clearing agent for the chemical residue on your hair scalp, hence promoting hair growth. A raw food item, is relentlessly more nutritious, as it preserves the essential nutrition, phytochemicals and saturated fat. Rawism is the ultimate truth that promises health for both hair and body. 

2. Amla Juice

One glass of amla juice is adequate to imbibe the daily nutrients of amla. Amla juice will crumble inside your hair shafts, with faster soakage of nutrition. A smooth shift will take place that will change the length of your hair. The fluidity of amla juice will trigger sensation, hence encouraging faster hair growth.

To see visible results make it a consistent activity. Juice emerges as an easy consumption for all age groups, and has a swift entrance to your hair follicles. Be it any day or condition, a juice favours your taste buds.

3. Amla Capsules
Surprise! The old grandma-dried amla technique is now converted into supplement form. The organic Vedikroots Amla Capsules have the richest concentration of antioxidants. Consume one amla capsule each day, preferably of 15 to 20 mg to achieve healthy hair growth. The best type of Amla capsules for hair growth is complete organic ones. It leaves your hair with hydration thus proving as the most beneficial alternative for amla fruit.

If you are already on some medication or suffering from a disease, please consult a doctor for the dosage. You can consume Amla in tablet, or even the powdered form. Take one tsp of amla powder, mix it with lukewarm water and consume. Add one tsp of honey to enhance its taste.

4. Candy Concoctions

If you are sitting on the couch with no aim to work on your arms, then go for an Amla candy. It can be stored for years and never needs a refrigerator. This type of candy will come with a sweet flavour, which is just a mandatory process of producing them. The results will be evident only with regular use, plus they call in the least effort. The Amla benefits for hair growth come from its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. For a healthy twist, remember to not consume more than one fist of amla candy.

5. Pickle – A meal partner

Now this is surprisingly the most loved option. Pickle is made for taste, taste and taste. Imagine infusing some chief spices in the healthiest food from your kitchen. Amla pickle caters to your health and taste at the same time. It fits effortlessly into your daily routine and it is one of the Best ways to consume amla for hair growth. You will love how affordable its rate is stamped offline and online. Amla's price is the key reason why it beats the other competitors in the market. 

They have the highest potency to imbibe oxygen inside your hair rootsThis seasonal fruit will trigger faster blood circulation through your hair follicles, leaving them with stretched effect. It is the inner residue eradicator that cleans, nourishes and fuels nutrients within the bottom of your hair roots. Amla still dominates as the natural reformer for your hair, making them lustrous and long.


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