Harmful Effects of Smoking on Skin and Ways to Prevent It

Harmful effects of smoking on skin

The habit of smoking leads to various health issues that gradually take a severe turn. The nicotine found in tobacco adversely affects your skin and overall bodily functions. If you are not aware of the detrimental effects of smoking then you may once go through this blog. We have elaborately covered how smoking is bad for the skin and ways to protect it for your well-being.

How is Smoking Toxic to Your Skin?

We all know that smoking is toxic to lungs as it contains harmful substances like tobacco containing nicotine, but is smoking bad for your skin as well? The answer is yes. When you smoke, it is absorbed into the intestinal mucosa, skin, and respiratory tract, causing harmful effects on the skin. Further, it leads to apoptosis that is cell death by damaging the blood vessels in the skin. It reduces the blood flow and destroys the keratinocytes to make your skin prone to pathogen attacks.

Apart from these, nicotine present in the smoke also changes the structure and function of the skin fibroblasts leading to reduced production of collagen proteins. So overall smoking affects your skin in several ways and destroys its elasticity.

What are the Adverse Effects of Smoking on Your Skin?

If you are wondering about the smoking effects on skin, then you must know that Smoking leads to multiple harmful effects on your skin. It makes you consume harmful substances and leads to unexpected damage to your cells. Therefore, it is crucial to have complete information that may help you realize the smoking side effects on skin and overall health. Smoking leads to the following issues with your skin:

Skin aging:

Smoking degrades collagen and elastin and makes your skin appear dull and aged. The tobacco content leads to oxidative stress and imbalances in collagen production. Apart from this, smokers end up with degraded amounts of vitamin D which is imperative for maintaining the skin barrier and tissue repair. Therefore, smokers begin to experience the effect of lost elasticity and collagen density.


Smoking is an independent factor that leads to the formation of wrinkles. You may find the appearance of wrinkles on your eyelid, forehead, and upper lips. Smoking leads to denser and thicker wrinkles in the area of the nasolabial folds. It also affects the eye and mouth area over time.

Skin tone and pigmentation:

Smoking gives rise to melanocyte production which causes age spots and dark spots. Apart from this, smokers develop dull and pale skin. It usually happens as a detrimental substance present in the smoke restricts the blood flow to the skin. It deprives it of oxygen and other nutrients and also leads to uneven skin pigmentation in some cases. Further, tobacco smoke and accumulation of oxidative stress also show a negative impact on skin resulting in aging-related skin pigmentation.

Sagging skin:

Usually, chemicals present in cigarette smoke lead to a high reduction in the Trans epidermal water content and also degenerate the collagen formation and elastic fibers. The continuous fall in the building block factors of the skin makes it droop and sag.

Skin cancer:

A heavy smoker is likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma. The harmful chemicals lead to the overproduction of squamous cells which leads to skin cancer. Further, smokers are likely to develop oral cancer and oral leukoplakia. Therefore, it becomes crucial for smokers to stop smoking as it may affect the other parts of the body with time. Usually, the people with frequent smoking habits are likely to survive less than the nonsmokers.


Smoking increases the risk of psoriasis and may adversely affect the overall health condition. It decreases the ability to show positive results to the treatment and gradually the condition begins to take a severe stage.


The presence of nicotine in the tobacco restricts the blood flow to the hand and feet which leads to Buerger’s disease, also known as Thromboangiitis obliterans. Vasculitis is the condition where an individual may face the clotting of blood anywhere in the body followed by tissue damage. In severe cases, an individual may also develop ulcers on their hand and feet that lead to gangrene.

How Can Smokers Take Care of Their Skin?

Smokers need to be very careful to maintain their skin texture and escape from the detrimental effects of the nicotine in tobacco. They must work on controlling their carving for smoking. They can choose the path of natural solution to triumph over their quitting efforts. Considering the intense need for helping smokers, we at Vedikroots have prepared NicoShield which contains a combination of valuable herbs to help them move towards living healthier lives. Apart from this, they can also follow these tips to help themselves get rid of the adverse effects of smoking. 

  • They may prefer the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants like carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and citrus fruits that can help them manage their skin wellness. 
  • Smokers may prefer the consumption of carrot juice to help flush the traces of nicotine from their bodies.
  • Apart from these, they can choose to include berries to get rid of the tobacco toxins present inside their body.
  • The consumption of pomegranate can help improve blood circulation which helps support the formation of collagen and elastin.
  • Smokers need to maintain hydration to reduce the adverse effects of nicotine.
  • Apart from all the above, they may choose organic skin care products enriched with herbal ingredients to help improve their skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Being a smoker, you must be familiar with the harms that are likely to cause problems to your skin in the very early stage. The intake of nicotine gradually degrades the quality of your health and leads to multiple health issues along with severely damaging your skin. Thus, you need to focus on initiating to quit smoking with the affirmation to start a smoke-free life to experience its real beauty. Vedikroots focuses on helping smokers with unique and herbal formulations of NicoShield to enable them to quit smoking naturally. We believe in making organic solutions available to help you get back to the charm of your skin texture and attain your overall wellness. 
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Does smoking cause skin cancer?

Yes, heavy smokers are likely to develop skin cancer due to the massive production of squamous cells. It may also cause oral cancer and oral leukoplakia which is highly detrimental to a smoker's health.

How does smoking damage your skin?

Smoking leads to the early aging of the skin and also leads to various issues like psoriasis and skin tone and pigmentation that degrade the overall texture of your skin.

Is consumption of food rich in antioxidants helpful for smokers?

Yes, the consumption of food rich in antioxidants can help smokers get all the essential nutrients required to maintain their skin textures.

What is Vasculitis caused by smoking?

Vasculitis refers to the condition where affected people experience the clotting of blood at any part of their body and also problems due to tissue damage.

How does smoking cause early aging of the skin?

People consume harmful substances during smoking that degrade the collagen and elasticity of a smoker's skin and make them appear dull with fine lines and wrinkles.


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