Hemorrhoids and the Impact of Modern Living

Causes of the Hemorrhoids

Today, hemorrhoids or piles are common ailments that affect individuals’ health conditions at any stage. Many people complain about such ailments but they are not aware of the causes and symptoms. Therefore, in this blog, we have shared helpful information that would let you be familiar with the real-time cause of Hemorrhoids and the impact of modern living. Certain measures can help protect you from the worst condition of health ailments like hemorrhoids or piles.

What are Hemorrhoids?

It refers to the condition where veins around the anus or lower rectum get inflamed and swollen. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, develop either internally or externally depending on the causing factors, including the cause of Hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids develop under the skin around the anus.

On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids develop in the lining of the anus and around the lower rectum. In some cases, people are not aware of the problems, and gradually conditions may get worse. Thus, everyone must realize the cause of the hemorrhoids, such as the cause of Hemorrhoids, and the impact of modern living for its prevention and remedial solution.

What are the Different Types of Hemorrhoids?

You might develop a particular type of hemorrhoids or piles depending upon the causing factor, such as the cause of Hemorrhoids. Therefore, you must be acquainted with the types to choose a solution to get rid of the swollen vein around the anus area.

Internal Hemorrhoids:

This is the condition where the internal area of the rectum gets affected. However, it is painless and bleeding occurs that might lead to the feeling of weakness.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids:

It is the severe condition of the internal Hemorrhoids where veins push through the anus and hang out of the body. But there is the possibility of strangulation of the hanging part of the vein by an anal sphincter that causes intolerable pain.

External Hemorrhoids:

It is damaged in the small area of the skin around the anus and exits like hard lumps.

Let’s Focus on the Causes of the Hemorrhoids-

People of every age must be acquainted with the causes that lead to hemorrhoid symptoms. It is crucial to focus on the preventive steps as well. The modern lifestyle has brought dramatic changes in individuals’ routines hence affecting their health with different kinds of ailments. But instead of struggling with the persisting health problems, you may choose a solution based on organic practices. Further, the causes of the Hemorrhoids usually include:

  • Consumption of a diet low in fiber content.
  • Individuals with overweight or obesity.
  • The risk of Hemorrhoids increases with growing age.
  • Family history or genetic factors may also lead to the development of piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Lifting heavy objects regularly.
  • The habit of sitting down for a longer time.
  • During pregnancy that leads to the enlargement of the pelvic blood vessels.
  • Chronic constipation.

What are the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid symptoms vary as per their particular type. Therefore, you must be aware of the types so that you may easily detect the problems. Apart from this, you must remember that internal hemorrhoids do not lead to pain frequently until they take the prolapsed condition.

Thus, individuals with internal hemorrhoids could not detect the problems and develop the worst condition over time. Prolapsed hemorrhoids lead to a painful condition and cause discomfort at a high level, often being a significant factor in the cause of Hemorrhoids. Prolapsed hemorrhoids bulge outside the anal region and might feel bumpy.

In case of internal hemorrhoids, you may find the presence of blood in your stool or on toilet paper. This condition refers to rectal bleeding and hence needs to be treated effectively. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids appear with the following symptoms:

  • Itching in the anal area.
  • Presence of the hard lump around your anal area that might feel tender or sore.
  • Constant pain in your anal regions and might feel more when you sit.
  • Bleeding through the rectum.

What are Other Factors that Cause Hemorrhoids Condition?

Other conditions like gastrointestinal disorders may lead to bleeding through the rectal region. Some of the issues might be detrimental to health conditions and cause life-threatening scenarios like colon cancer, Crohn’s disease (inflamed and swollen digestive tract), and ulcerative colitis. The cause of Hemorrhoids is another factor to consider in relation to rectal bleeding.

However, you may manage the hemorrhoid condition by adopting the preventive measure. Apart from these, you may think of improving the habits of your daily life routine to ensure that you are living a healthier life.

Common Complications with Hemorrhoids:

Health ailments like Hemorrhoids may lead to multiple complications that tend to cause serious problems. Sometimes, people with persistent Hemorrhoids might develop conditions such as the cause of Hemorrhoids:

  • Anemia.
  • Blood clots in external hemorrhoids.
  • Infection.
  • Skin tags.
  • Strangulated hemorrhoids.

Ayurveda Herbs to Manage Hemorrhoids-

The healthcare solution based on Ayurveda herbs ensures the safe and effective management of hemorrhoid complications. You may focus on some of the helpful organic herbs that would allow you to effectively heal up health issues developed due to interrupted digestive function.

Haritaki: It includes helpful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and works as a laxative to relieve constipation. Haritaki aids digestive function and manages the swelling in the anal region.

Guggulu: It is another herb that helps manage the Hemorrhoids due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It heals the inflammation of the fistula and helps relieve constipation along with strengthening the digestive function.

Nirgundi: It is also one of the herbs in Ayurveda that helps manage hemorrhoids by balancing the Vata doshas. Nirgundi includes laxative properties and improves bowel movements to reduce the risk of developing piles.

Note: However, you may find the combination of these organic herbs and more in our one formulation Vedikroots PyloEase that helps manage all kinds of discomforts associated with hemorrhoids.

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What are Preventive Measures for Hemorrhoids?

Prevention is the most powerful initiative to manage the development of health ailments, including the cause of hemorrhoids. Likewise, you can think the same about hemorrhoids and may follow certain steps to keep you away from such harsh health problems.

  • Consume food enriched with fiber content.
  • Prefer to drink plenty of water to maintain hydration of the digestive channel.
  • Include the fiber supplement in your daily routine.
  • Do not over-strain.
  • Take exercise regularly.
  • Do not be seated for long periods.


If you think about how to manage the particular types of hemorrhoids, understanding the cause of Hemorrhoids becomes crucial. Then, you may focus on the above-stated facts. The persisting condition of the inflamed and swollen veins around the anal regions adversely affects the lifestyle and causes serious health ailments. Further, you may prefer the intake of Ayurveda supplements like PyloEase to help you manage the discomfort related to the piles. We at Vedikroots focus on delivering healthcare solutions prepared from herbal ingredients to promote wellness and prevent the development of serious health ailments.


Are hemorrhoids a serious health problem?

 It is not a serious problem but may take a chronic turn and also lead to other complications across the digestive system.

What is the effective preventive measure for hemorrhoids?

The most effective measure to prevent hemorrhoids is to include fiber-enriched food and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and other associated discomfort.

What are the different kinds of hemorrhoids?

The development of the specific kind of hemorrhoids depends on the causing factor and may develop either, internally, externally, or prolapsed.

What are the causes of the hemorrhoids?

The intake of food low in fiber and drinking less water are the basic reasons to cause hemorrhoids. Apart from this, chronic constipation is another cause that leads to inflammation in veins around the anal area.

Can gastrointestinal problems cause hemorrhoids?

Yes, the persisting gastrointestinal problems lead to the development of hemorrhoids that appear with rectal bleeding.


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