9 Natural Remedies to Fight Arthritis Pain

Natural Remedies to Fight Arthritis Pain

Today most people struggle with some or other health issues and arthritis is one of the problems related to the joint or joints. Sometimes, it becomes a lifetime trouble and leaves people disappointed. But it can be managed with natural health tips. In this blog, we will discuss the cause of and natural remedies to fight arthritis pain.

What is Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis pain refers to the condition where you feel pain, swelling, and stiffness in joints or joints. People suffer from arthritis due to several causes and the symptoms may vary from day to day or from week to week. The condition leads to the inflammation or degeneration of your joints. The risk factors of Arthritis pain usually include age, lifestyle, and weight gain as well.

It appears with joint discomfort and may persist for a long time. Therefore, you may go with ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain. Apart from this, Staying active, managing your weight and following the proper routine will help you quickly get relief from joint stiffness and persisting swelling.

Let’s Learn 9 Natural Ways to Fight Arthritis Pain:

Treating health issues like arthritis pain in natural ways can prove to be the best medicine. You may follow some of these stated tips to relieve your joint pain:

Weight management:

You need to be aware of the bad impact of the additional weight gain. Since it puts unnecessary pressure on the feet, and knees and causes pain and discomfort. So you need to initiate managing your weight for arthritis pain relief. Weight management helps improve mobility, prevents joint damage, and reduces stiffness and pain. 

Stay more active.

An active approach to keeping yourself active is another effective remedy that can help you relieve your arthritis pain naturally. If you adhere to your workout plan, it will help you manage your weight, and improve joint flexibility. Regular exercise also helps you stretch muscles and develop more support around the joint area. Apart from these, you may also prefer to perform swimming, cycling, and walking to perform your workout schedule. 

Follow a healthy diet plan:

Going with the proper diet plan is another measure of treating arthritis pain naturally. You may include whole foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. Further, the diet including processed food, added sugar and saturated fat may worsen the condition of joint pain. The consumption of such food should be avoided as it also leads to the development of other health issues like hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and cardiac disease.  

Hot and cold therapy:

The hot and cold therapy helps decrease the inflammation of the joint area. You may take a long warm bath to help reduce joint stiffness. Apart from these, you may prefer the cold treatment to get rid of the swelling, inflammation, and joint pain. The use of the ice pack may quickly relieve pain. 


Meditation is the remedy for various health issues. It also helps reduce the arthritis pain by lowering the stress level. You know that meditation is a traditional practice for staying calm and improving the body's ability to cope with health issues.

Add turmeric to your diet:

Turmeric contains a chemical like Curcumin that includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Therefore, enough consumption of turmeric can work to lower the inflammation around the joint area.  


Massages also help treat arthritis naturally apart from making you feel well-being. It offers efficient benefits, helps reduce anxiety, and relaxes the muscles. 

Prefer intake of herbal supplements:

The herbal supplement acts as a soothing agent that provides arthritis pain relief. The Curcumin present in the turmeric serves as the anti-inflammatory agent that helps you get rid of the persisting arthritis pain. You may also prefer the intake of the medication formulated from the blend of the herbal ingredient on the recommendation of your physician.

Work on posture:

The maintenance of the right posture can help you manage joint pain easily. since arthritis pain is all about the issues with joint flexibility. Therefore, you may reduce the problems by working on your posture while you stand, sit, or move. The correct posture will also act as a preventive measure to keep you away from arthritis pain. 

Causes of arthritis:

Multiple risk factors lead to the development of arthritis. Some of the common causes of joint pain are:

  • Family history- You may develop arthritis due to the hereditary factor. you are more prone to get such health issues if your parents or siblings have joint disorders.
  • Age: Another is the age factor that may develop with age.
  • Past joint injury: A past injury of the joint while playing sports may also develop the risk of having arthritic pain.
  • Obesity: If you are overweight then it puts additional pressure on joints and eventually leads to the development of arthritis pain and stiffness in joints.


The risk factor of arthritis pain may trouble you with time. Therefore, you must be health conscious to prevent joint problems and maintain flexibility. You may follow the above Natural Remedies to Fight Arthritis Pain. We at Vedikroots aim to offer natural healthcare products and emphasize being natural with medicinal treatments. You may also check out our herbal products which have been formulated from various herbs to relieve arthritis pain effectively.


How weight management can help you reduce arthritis pain?

The extra weight puts pressure on the joints which causes the joint pain. Thus, maintenance of the weight can help get relief or stay away from arthritis pain.


Is turmeric helpful to reduce inflammation around the joint area?

Yes, Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation around the joint area effectively.


What are the causes of arthritis pain?

You may face arthritis pain due to several reasons like hereditary factors, growing age, past injuries in the joint, and obesity as well.


Can the right posture help relieve joint pain?

Yes, focusing on maintaining the right posture will help manage the joint pains easily and will prevent further joint issues as well.


Can meditation help reduce arthritis pain?

Yes, meditation proves helpful in reducing arthritis pain as it lowers the stress level and enhances your physical ability to manage all health issues.


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