5 Health Benefits of Giloy – The topmost Immunity Booster

5 Health Benefits of Giloy

What if we tell you that a single herb laying on the plant is the solution for your complex health issues? Are you curious to know the answer? That magic word is “Giloy”. A Giloy works as a blood purifier inside your body.

Giloy is sour and tangy in taste. This plant mostly lives in India and Southeast Asia. Its juice looks like a mixture of brown and black colour. Giloy leaf looks heart-shaped and contains medicinal properties.

Giloy Benefits for Both Female and Male | VedikRoots Ayurveda

Our grandmothers and grandfathers used Giloy when there were no doctors nearby. The key to Giloy's benefits is regular consumption. The major Giloy benefits for females are PCOS, Immunity booster, Anti-ageing and more. You need to make it a part of your daily routine to see visible results. 

Modern science has brought a smart word for Giloy, which is Guduchi. The ayurvedic compounds in Giloy boost immunity and fight indigestion. Males suffer from a higher heart attack rate all around the world. One of the major Giloy benefits for males is that giloy manages cholesterol. 

Where can I find or buy giloy?

Vedikroots is a store that provides herbal powder and capsules for full body and brain health. The products of vedikroots are handpicked from the fertile soil. Vedikroots checks and tests every herb, leaf and stem of giloy before they use it in the products.

Below listed are the 5 major health benefits of Giloy:

  • Giloy Helps in Fever

It will not be wrong to say that Giloy is the biggest enemy of Fever. Giloy consumption increases platelet count and glucose levels. Fever is a type of disease, which never gives warning. The anti-inflammatory properties in Giloy kill the foreign bodies that cause dengue or fever. To avoid fever, one needs to start taking Giloy in advance.

  • Giloy Helps in Diabities 

The bitter taste in giloy can stimulate the blood glucose level and start healing diabetes. Giloy is popularly known as “Amrita” in many parts of the Indian region. It controls diabetes with the help of its appetizing and digestion properties.

  • Giloy Helps in Liver Diseases

Giloy controls cholesterol by managing the antioxidant level in the body. Its appetizer properties manage the metabolism system. This increases the new cell growth and that automatically improves the health of the liver.

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  • Giloy Helps in Skin Diseases

It is an anti-ageing herb that works on fine lines and dark spots. The bitter flavour and anti-bacterial properties in Giloy clear the pimples and pigmentation. It slows down skin ageing and fights wrinkles. 

  • Giloy Fights with Indigestion

It has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease constipation, gastric issues and prevents ulcer. It reduces bloating, acidity and inflammation of any type. The microbial components of giloy purify the toxins of the body.

You can consume giloy in two forms. They are as follows:

Giloy Powder Dosage: Take 1 tsp of giloy powder and mix it with lukewarm water or milk. Consume it after having the meal.

Giloy Capsule Dosage: Take giloy capsules two times in a day after having meal. Consume it after having the meal.

Alternative names of giloy:

  • Tinospora cordifolia
  • Giloe
  • Gurjo
  • Guduchi
  • Amrita

Giloy: Nature's Miracle Herb for Health

Giloy is getting more popular because viruses like covid 19 are getting active. Also, the Immunity Boosting Power of Giloy is like a supplement for your liver, lungs, and stomach. The antioxidant properties in giloy help to fight many diseases. Fever starts getting weaker and weaker when you start consuming giloy daily.

Active Compounds in Giloy:

  • Tinosporide- Used in urinary infections, constipation, tuberculosis, indigestion, fever and diabetes.
  • Terpenoids- Used in cardiovascular diseases, neuroprotection, blood sugar controller, and anti-ageing.
  • Alkaloids- Used in blood pressure, and body aches, and it is anti-bacterial.

Nutrients in Giloy:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Protein
  3. Fibre
  4. Calcium
  5. Iron


  • What is giloy?

Giloy is a medicinal plant that is known to treat many health issues. The stem is the most beneficial part of the giloy plant. This is the native plant of India but also has roots in China, Australia and America. 

  • Can I consume giloy daily?

Yes, you can consume giloy daily because it works as an immunity booster.

  • How will I consume giloy?

Don't worry, this is very easy! Consume it with lukewarm water or milk.

  • Can giloy cure asthma?

Giloy can reduce inflammation in the lungs. The anti-inflammatory properties of giloy can reduce mucus that helps with breathing. 

  • Can I consume giloy if I have an autoimmune disorder?

Avoid Giloy in autoimmune conditions. In autoimmune conditions, immunity is harmful and Giloy boosts immunity. Consult an Ayurveda practitioner before consuming it.

  • Can children and pregnant mothers consume giloy?

Consult an Ayurveda practitioner or doctor before you give giloy to a child or someone pregnant.

  • Does Giloy reduce weight?

Yes, giloy manages your weight. Being overweight is the result of bad digestion. Giloy produces digestive fire and reduces the toxins in the body and helps in weight management. 

  • Can I consume giloy on an empty stomach?

It is advised to take giloy after having meal. This will help in managing weight and stress more successfully.

  • Does giloy help in reducing joint pain?

Yes, the anti-arthritic properties in giloy reduce body aches and joint pain.

  • Is giloy good for respiratory problems?

Giloy can reduce all three doshas in the body. It reduces the Vata, Kapha, and Pit dosha. This helps in breathing and purifies the lungs.


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