Is It Possible To Control High BP with Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic BP medicine

The fluctuating blood pressure may cause several problems related to your health. However, people with high BP usually cannot realize it in the initial stage but with time may develop chronic illness. Thus, having familiarity with causes, prevention, and symptoms is imperative for everyone. In this blog, we will take a look at the facts and solutions to manage the issues that appear due to the high BP. Apart, we will also make you acquainted with the Ayurvedic BP medicine to manage it efficiently and naturally. Now, let’s proceed with more facts:

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the measurement of the force of the blood pushing against the blood vessel walls. The heart is the pump and pipe station that carries blood into the blood vessels. Further, blood is carried throughout your body parts, and fluctuation in the measures of the force of blood leads to high blood pressure.

It is also known as hypertension where your heart has to work harder to pump the blood. Such a condition makes your arteries hard and leads to the development of atherosclerosis. If it is not managed or treated on time, it develops the risk of stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. Thus, treatment in the very initial stage of the diagnosis is necessary to prevent severe conditions. 

What are the Causes of High Blood Pressure?

The rise in blood pressure may occur because of various reasons. Today, the busy life schedule has made people of all ages vulnerable to high BP.  Thus, it is vital to know about managing the blood pressure effectively. 

Health conditions: 

Certain health conditions like kidney disease, obesity, and sleep disorders may lead to elevated BP. Therefore, it is crucial to initiate for the managing it as soon as fluctuation occurs in a normal range of BP. However, taking high BP control Ayurvedic medicine or herbs like Ashwagandha, Punarnava, Arjuna, and Shankhpushpi can help you manage your BP range. 

Consumption of alcohol: 

The consumption of alcohol shows a negative impact on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system which is managed by the kidneys. Its function is to regulate blood pressure but the alcohol raises level of the hormone renin. The increased level of renin leads to the constriction of the blood vessels.

Unhealthy diet: 

It refers to a diet where you may find a high content of sodium. It is crucial to remark that the salt that we consume comes from the process's sources. Therefore, its intake may lead to an elevation in the blood pressure and you may end up with other health problems related to the BP. 

Family history: 

It simply refers to the genes that have been carried from one generation to another. Thus, people with a family history are also likely to face health issues due to elevated BP. In that condition, they may choose a natural solution like Ayurvedic BP medicine based on natural extracts to manage it effectively. Such initiatives will help them prevent the development of severe hypertension.

Advancing age: 

This is another reason that causes high blood pressure. With growing age, the BP range varies and may get high with time. However, people of advanced age may prevent the development of health problems by maintaining their healthy lifestyle and by choosing the best Ayurveda medicines for BP.

What is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for BP?

Ayurveda's concept is based on managing the root cause of the problems. Ayurvedic medicine for BP helps balance the doshas that lead to hypertension.  Imbalances in the Vata and Pitta cause the development of hypertension or high BP. Thus, you can manage it by choosing helpful natural herbs such as Ashwagandha, Sarpgandha, Shankhpushpi, Punarnava, Arjuna, Amalki, Praval Pisti, Brahmi, Mandukparni, and Akik Pisti or a blend of the Ayurvedic medicine to manage your BP.

You may get the combined formulation of these herbs in our Vedikroots Hypocure.  We have a belief in managing health problems with Ayurveda principles to ensure long-term wellness or eradicate the root cause. Vedikroots Hypocure promotes wellness by managing the related factors that lead to the elevation in your blood pressure. It shows the positive impact on your health by:

  • Reducing the high BP.
  • Improving strength, stamina, and energy.
  • Strengthening heart muscles.
  • Managing the stress and anxiety.

What are Natural Ways to Prevent the High Blood Pressure?

Prevention is the best cure and hence if you prefer to combine your lifestyle with the Ayurveda principle like the intake of helpful herbs, it may add to your healthy lifestyle. The inclusion of a healthy diet with low sodium is the first step towards managing and maintaining your normal BP range. Further, you may prefer the have regular exercise and manage your healthy weight. Obesity and inactivity also lead to the elevation of blood pressure. In that case, you may choose to have the BP-reducing Ayurvedic medicine prepared with natural extracts.

People with an alcohol addiction are more prone to having high BP. Therefore, they need to avoid it as much as possible to maintain their health positively. In addition to all these, you also need to manage your stress as it increases the cortisol level and finally interrupts the normal range of blood pressure. Apart from the support of herbal medicines, you can also maintain a normal range of BP by:

  • Taking of healthy diet.
  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol.
  • Taking regular exercise.
  • Managing a healthy weight.


You can manage hypertension or high blood pressure by choosing Ayurvedic BP medicine like Vedikroots Hypocure to manage health problems naturally. It helps ensure wellness for the long term by managing the real-time causes related to your health problems. Thus, it is a wise step if you choose to combine Ayurveda’s power with your day-to-day lifestyle. The hypertension develops due to the aggravated Pitta. Such conditions arise when you get stressed, or take a poor diet which leads to the accumulation of heat and toxins inside your body to adversely affect your blood circulation. Thus, you may choose to live healthily with the natural formula stated above. 


Can Ayurvedic medicine manage high BP?

Yes, Ayurveda Medicines focus on managing the high BP by balancing the aggravated pitta dosha that leads to the accumulation of the toxin responsible for increasing the BP range. 

What leads to the high blood pressure?

Most often, various factors are responsible for high blood pressure like intake of an unhealthy diet, advancing age, family history as well as health conditions like kidney disease, obesity, and sleep disorders.

How to prevent hypertension or high BP naturally?

You may choose to take a healthy diet, proper sleep and avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco to prevent hypertension or high BP naturally.

What herbs help maintain the BP range?

Ayurveda herbs such as Shankhpushpi, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Sarpgandha, Arjuna, Amalki, Praval Pisti, Brahmi, Mandukparni, and Akik Pisti effectively help maintain the normal range of blood pressure.

Does advancing age affect the BP range?

Yes, the BP range varies with advancing age but with a healthy lifestyle, it can be maintained up to the normal range to prevent the development of severe health conditions. 


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