Giloy Capsules - An Ayurvedic Supplement Supports Digestion, Ageing & Immunity Boost

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Giloy Capsules - An Ayurvedic Supplement Supports Digestion, Ageing & Immunity Boost

Rs. 329.00 Rs. 349.00 -6% OFF
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Product description
  • Helps in reducing stress & anxiety
  • Helps in treating chronic fever
  • Controlling diabetes
  • High source of blood purification
  • Enhance body immunity
  • Reduces Asthama, and respiratory problems



Vedikroots Giloy capsules are 100% organic Ayurvedic herbs made from active content. Giloy is an ayurvedic herb that is in use for long ages in treatment. In Hindi, it is also known as Amrita means immortal. Vedikroots Giloy capsules are very much useful in the treatment of chronic diseases. It reduces the digestion problem and also works as an immunity booster. It is made from a natural herb.

Giloy is an Ayurveda based health supplement made with 100% pure, potent and authentic Giloy.

Benefits of Giloy

Improves Good Breathing

It has good anti-inflammatory property and inhibits the response of pro-inflammatory agents. This reduces the inflammation of air passages in case of breathing and cough.

Improves Body Energy

Giloy is an excellent remedy to reduce mental stress and anxiety. It calms down your body. Giloy also has the power to enhance memory and cognitive functions.

Improves Digestion Process

Giloy can help improve digestion, reduce constipation, acidity, gas and bloating. It works well for people with a weak digestive system.

Improves Immunity

Include Giloy in your diet twice a day can improve your immunity. It is full of antioxidants and helps to release toxins from the body.

Our products are designed with research-based formula represents our 35 years of Ayurveda excellence & expertise.

Why Choose Us

100% Natural


Chemical Free


Extract Based

Directions To Use

Take One Capsule

Take With Lukewarm Water or Milk

Take Twice a Day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Anit Rana
Must buy! It works!

It's worth buying ,boosts immunity,improves digestion,fights infection and many more. Within 1week you will see the change or effects.

uma sankar
Bhot acha product hai.

Ye muje kafi help karta hai kabji mai. Bhot acha product hai. Shukriya Vedikroots. Bhot bhot shukriya

Munna Kumar Singh
Value for money.

I bought this product after consulting with one of my friends who happens to be a doctor. I started using this from last 2 days and have started feeling the positive effects of using this. My digestion has improved and stared feeling overall fresher. So, I would recommend this product.

Good Ayurvedic Product

Recommending this product for those who are suffering from Digestion & Urinary problem, please use this product, its ayurvedic & very effective....

Prashant Thakur
It's very nice n healthy

Giloy is best for digestion related issues. I'm taking that pills few days and i got relief from gas and constipation problems.