Shilajit Benefits for Hair and Ways to Use It

Shilajit Benefits for Hair and Ways to Use It

Are you battling with hair fall problems every day? Don’t you have any idea, what to do and how to get rid of it? Well, this might happen due to various factors including the environment and your improper diet as well. Hair fall leads to hair loss gradually in both men and women. Therefore, having a solution that may stop the hair from falling naturally is an imperative aspect. In this blog, we would like to grab your attention towards the shilajit benefits for hair that can help you improve your hair quality. It is however necessary to know the proper utilization of the shilajit to get the benefits. 

How Shilajit Can Prevent Your Hair Loss?

Shilajit is derived from the Himalayan Mountain. It is available in the form of resin and provides a natural solution to prevent hair loss. According to Ayurveda, shilajit resin is enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to support hair growth. You may choose shilajit for hair growth as it nourishes the hair follicles with essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Apart from these, it has a high content of fulvic acid that helps reduce hair loss. Thus, it is the best and most natural remedy for poor hair quality and hair loss. Shilajit’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help improve scalp health and support healthy hair growth.

What are Shilajit Benefits for Hair?

Hair fall and hair loss occur due to deficiencies in our body. Therefore, having the source that may help us to get all essential nutrients is an imperative factor. If we consider the shilajit, it contains a variety of elements like sulfur, iron, zinc, fulvic acid, and magnesium which are the basic requirements for healthy hair growth. Apart from these, shilajit also contains vitamins A, C, D, and E including niacin and biotin to nourish our hair. The available components make the shilajit hair growth secret for all. 

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How Do Different Components of Shilajit Work for Hair Growth?

Shilajit is enriched with a variety of elements that are the basic needed to support healthy hair growth. Every specific element works to promote your hair growth. Thus, you may choose shilajit as a hair loss remedy.

Fulvic acid for hair growth:

 The fulvic acid present in the shilajit helps carry essential nutrients to the tissues and cells. It is vital to support the regrowth of healthy hair. The proper use of the shilajit helps provide adequate minerals for carrying out the essential processes.

Zinc for hair growth:

The zinc is crucial for the division of hair cells to promote its growth. Deficiency of Zinc leads to poor quality of hair and eventually the hair loss condition. 

Iron for hair growth:

If we consider the benefit of Iron, it helps create hemoglobin which is the essential component of red blood corpuscles. Thus, the adequate supplementation of Iron is an important aspect of restoring the growth of hair healthily. 

Magnesium for hair growth:

It supports the hair growth by creating the protein, supporting cell division and cell growth. The adequate supplementation of magnesium helps improve the volume of hair, and make your scalp healthy for stronger hair.

Vitamins for hair growth:

Shilajit is enriched with essential Vitamins like A, C, D, E, and B which help support the hair growth that involves the different processes carried by different nutrients.  

How to Use Shilajit for Hair Growth?

Shilajit benefits for hair fall under the herbal formula as it effectively nourishes your hair for its shiny and silky appearance. But you need to use it properly to improve your hair quality. Therefore, you may prefer the use of shilajit in the following ways:

 You may prefer it in the form of a hair mask: 

You may choose to create the shilajit hair mask by combining it with warm water and applying the paste on your scalp and hair for nourishment and positive results.

 Choose Shilajit capsules for its hassle-free intake:

You may also take it in the form of capsules that are convenient and beneficial as well. Our Vedikroots shilajit is a completely herbal supplement that helps improve your overall health by recovering deficiencies inside your body. 

You may prepare Shilajit tea: 

This is another best method that you can choose to use shilajit for promoting healthy hair growth. 

 Is Shilajit Safe to Use for Hair?

Safety is the most important concern to realize when choosing the specific remedy for your hair loss problems. If you focus on the shilajit, you may take it from the trusted brand to ensure safety and positive results. Since it is an Ayurveda supplement even then, it might have some negative impacts if you do not take it properly.  

We at Vedikroots are always concerned about the quality test of our products before making them available to our consumers. Therefore, if you take shilajit capsules or shilajit resin from a trusted brand, you will get a quality product that will help you recover your hair health shortly. 


You might have become familiar with the remedial potential of shilajit for your hair loss. Shilajit benefits for hair can be experienced when you use it adequately and properly. Apart from this, it is also crucial to choose a trusted brand of shilajit to ensure only a positive result on your hair. 
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How does shilajit help nourish your hair?

Shilajit contains elements like sulfur, iron, zinc, fulvic acid, and magnesium and vitamins A, C, D, and E that are essential to carry the nourishment process of your hair for its healthy growth. 

What are ways to use shilajit on hair?

You may choose to use the shilajit hair mask or prepare its tea to ensure the stronger and healthier growth of your hair. 

Why application of shilajit prove beneficial for hair?

Shilajit is enriched with various nourishing components such as fulvic acid, iron, and magnesium to support cells and tissues for the execution of the essential processes for the regrowth of healthy hair. 

How much shilajit is safe for hair?

It is derived from the Himalayan Mountains in the form of resins that contain antioxidants and minerals required to support the healthier growth of the hair and prevent possible hair loss. 

Does Shilajit help improve scalp health?

 Yes, Shilajit contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve scalp health and provide the required nutrients for healthy hair growth.


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