Vedikroots 100% Pure Sitopaladi Powder – Say Goodbye To...
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Formulation – 100% natural formulation of ingredients including cardamom (elaichi), cinnamon (twak), bamboo (vanshlochan), long pepper (pippali), and sugar candy (khandasharkara), is designed to give your body the ultimate health boost. For Dry Cold And Cough – Fitness freaks will appreciate its unique combination of health benefits including proper functioning of the respiratory system and improving energy levels at the same time. Ease Of Use – Available in powder form, packaged in an airtight pouch, it can used orally as a supplement to support metabolism and overall immunity levels. Tested For Safety – Rich in medicinal properties, this powder consists of no preservatives and is formulated according to the GMP guidelines. How To Use – With its easy-to-use packaging, you can quickly add 1-2 tsp of powder to water or any beverage of your choice before any physical activity or as directed by the physician. Recommended dosage – once or twice daily.   Sitopaladi Powder is the ultimate fitness supplement. It is an organic product made from seven mountain herbs that combine to produce a rejuvenating, energising, detoxifying, and stimulating effect. Cleanse your body and inject vitality into your life with one or two teaspoons of this powerful herbal powder daily or as directed by the physician. Use code “PREPAID10” to get an Extra 10% Off on Prepaid Orders!  
Vedikroots 100% Pure Gudmar Powder: A Smart Ayurvedic Solution...
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FORMULATION – This magical blend of herbs and natural ingredients includes 100% gudmar extract which has been scientifically proven to aid in maintaining healthy glucose levels in the body. BENEFIT – Perfect supplement for fitness freaks who need help managing their blood sugar levels. ACCESSIBILITY – Available in powder form, packaged in resealable and airtight containers, it can be used orally as a supplement to promote optimal wellness. TESTED FOR SAFETY – It is a cruelty-free and 100% natural product that provides regular benefits to your body and lets you embrace fully recharged bodily functions. HOW TO USE – It is recommended to take 1-2 tsp of powder daily, half an hour after a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.   Stay fit with Gudmar Powder and keep your blood sugar levels in check! Our natural herbs-based powder is made using a special blend of naturally occurring ingredients that help maintain healthy diabetes levels and promote general well-being. The powder can be added to your smoothies, juice or beverage of choice to get your daily dose of glucose control. With Gudmar Powder, you can foster better sugar regulation while supporting overall health. Use code “PREPAID10” to get an Extra 10% Off on Prepaid Orders!  
Vedikroots 100% Pure Giloy Powder – Pure Extract –...
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Formulation – Made from high quality 100% giloy extracts, this powder is enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide a holistic well being. Boosts Immunity And Fight Fatigue – Helps boost immunity and fight against chronic infections and illnesses while supporting healthy digestion and managing skin conditions. Ease Of Use – Available in powder form, packaged in an airtight pouch, it can be used orally as a supplement to detoxify the body and promote liver functioning. Tested For Safety – No presence of fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Clinically suitable for vegans. How To Use – Mix 1-2 teaspoons of powder into lukewarm water, once or twice a day, 30 minutes after meals, or as directed by a physician. Giloy Powder, a marvel in Ayurvedic medicine, is a wholesome laxative and an herbal infusion. Known for it natural ability to strengthen the immune system, Giloy Powder is one of the safest supplements for boosting immunity and improving digestive strength. This is one of the powders that need to be consumed twice, on a regular basis. Use code “PREPAID10” to get an Extra 10% Off on Prepaid Orders!